Athens, GA. :: Inside/Out (1987 Theatrical Trailer)

For displaced Southerners, the 1984 documentary, Athens, Ga: Inside/Out, is both the cause and cure for homesickness. Available on DVD, the film documents the Athens, GA music scene of the mid ’80s, and in the process captures some truly historic performances; one being (reportedly) R.E.M.’s first performance of “Swan Swan H” in a deserted and dilapidated theatre.

Even better than that, though, is the footage of Pete Buck kicking it on his front porch, while being interviewed in his pajamas and robe, mid-afternoon. You can watch excerpts of the song (and interview) above in the original, grainy, 10 minute theatrical trailer below.

Athens, GA Inside/Out – An Interview with producer Bill Cody by Ballard Lesemann

MP3: Pylon :: Crazy
MP3: B-52s :: 52 Girls
MP3: R.E.M. :: Romance
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7 thoughts on “Athens, GA. :: Inside/Out (1987 Theatrical Trailer)

  1. When I was a teenager I had the cassette of the Inside Athens soundtrack. I have the DVD now, but I have never been able to find either a CD of the soundtrack or a complete set of MP3s (or torrent) of the soundtrack. Any idea where it might be available? Thanks!

  2. Nice. Funny, I just ran into Stipe and Vanessa at the Of Montreal karaoke show last month. I’ve never come across the B-52’s guys/gals in town, but apparently they just wrapped up their album in Athens and were out quite a bit. Fred even showed up at a Thrashers game in Atlanta.

  3. That did make me miss Athens, “The Classic City”. Do you ever think of moving back? My! How it’s changed…

  4. Fern – yeah, I thought about moving back to Athens last summer — spent three nights there in June, but when it came down to it, I couldnt leave L.A.

  5. the flat duo jets rip in those videos! Did anyone check out when he shows his his house “the moz” awesome! Man I wish I was older to have seen them back then, but I’m getting pumped ove these youtube vids. Instant fan, thanks for posting!

    And on a related note, Jack White totally ripped that guy off, and Peter Buck Rules!

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