Leon Russell :: Master of Space and Time

leon-russell.jpgWhile Stop All That Jazz may not be Leon Russell’s best album, it is the first Leon Russell album I heard outside of his work on Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs & Englishmen (which was my fathers all-time favorite rock & roll album).

Being the shit-hot session man — and bandleader — that he was, Russell’s own work has unfortunately, but understandably, taken a backseat to his work with his famous peers (insert your sixties-seventies recording legend here).

His early career albums are stellar from top-to-bottom, and deserve a post of their own in the future; but in the meantime, listen to Russell’s version of the oft-covered “If I Were A Carpenter” off the aforementioned 1974 LP Stop All That Jazz. It’s just dripping with that Oklahoma soul only Leon can deliver. The (intentionally?) corny production makes it that much sweeter.

FYI: I just climbed through several boxes in storage to dig this one out. Hope some of ya’ll are down with mister Leon.

Video: Leon Russell @ The concert for Bangladesh – August 1, 1971

MP3: Leon Russell :: If I Were A Carpenter
Amazon: Leon Russell – Stop All That Jazz

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  1. Love Leon Russell, I could listen to him sing the phonebook. Saw him recently, he’s still great , he just gets better.

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