If you tune into my radio shows, or podcast, you may very well recognize the Eshete & Beqele song “Temeles” off of Ethiopiques Volume III. It’s funky.

Kicking of with a blast of horns that would make bandleader Fred Wesley proud, the track quickly dives into its snake charmer funk vibe, coming up for air every so often without ever unlocking its groove. It’s shit like this that make this series so consistently fascinating.

Previously: You can still download two tracks from Ethiopiques :: Volume IV here.

Alemayehy Eshete & Hirut Beqele :: Temeles
Amazon: Ethiopiques – Volume III

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  1. Though I needed to keep you up to date with latest news on Ethiopian music.

    It’s a fansite set up to celebrate the release of a 2CD pack of classic Ethiopian groove.

    Just thought you might be interested.

    Best wishes

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