Lester “Roadhog” Moran & The Cadillac Cowboys

lester-moran-road-hog.jpgAlright, mighty fine, mighty fine. I hope my brother is reading today (tyler, you out there?), as we’ve heard the following (bizarre) tracks countless times throughout our childhood on road trips. This shit is ridiculous. But, you know, in that good kinda way.

The scoop is that back in the ’70s The Statler Brothers got together and created this spoof on old school, southern, redneck radio hosted by the brilliant, and ficticious, radio DJ Lester “Roadhog” Moran, and his band The Cadillac Cowboys broadcasted on W.E.A.K. This had LP been out of print for a long, long time, but thanks to iTunes I was able to pick it up in digital format last year.

Check these out, but be sure to listen to them in order — it’s the dialogue you wanna hear. . And if anyone has a vinyl copy, I’d love to buy it off you. Seriously.

MP3: Lester Moran & The Cadillac Cowboys :: The Saturday Morning Radio Show
MP3: Lester Moran & The Cadillac Cowboys :: Little Liza Jane (Theme)
MP3: Lester Moran & The Cadillac Cowboys :: Honky Tonk Girl
MP3: Lester Moran & The Cadillac Cowboys :: Why Baby Why
MP3: Lester Moran & The Cadillac Cowboys :: Folsom Prison
MP3: Lester Moran & The Cadillac Cowboys :: Angel Band
Amazon: The Complete Lester Moran & The Cadillac Cowboys

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10 thoughts on “Lester “Roadhog” Moran & The Cadillac Cowboys

  1. Reminds me a bit of bluegrass band Hot Rize’s alter-ego – Red Knuckles & The Trailblazers. They were fun!

  2. This album does bring back tons of memories. Allthough, as your brother I do have a request. I am requesting that you post the hit track, “Super Socks,” from the Letter People’s sophmore album, “Let Me Spell it out for You.” As many will recall this is before Mr. S went into his deep depression, began eating anything he could find, had a barbeque in his bedroom, and rarely got out of bed……. Ah the memories of childhood.

  3. I grabbed my dad’s copy of this CD when I was home recently. As far as I can tell, this compilation was never on vinyl and dates to 1994 when the CD was released. The liner notes go with the joke and don’t indicate when the various parts were originally released. In fact, the Statler Brothers are never mentioned, only being included by name in the songwriting credits.

    The first section, which you posted, was originally on their 1972 album Country Music Then and Now along with other, non-comedy songs, such as their hit “Class of ’57.” The other two skits were from the comedy album Alive at the Johnny Mack Brown Hight School. Both of these LPs seem to be readily available relatively cheaply online at places such as musicstack.com. I’m not sure if the Ralph Emery interviews were ever released on record.

  4. “This shit is ridiculous. But, you know, in that good kinda way.”

    I became a Roadhog fan in 1973 (or thereabout) at around 5AM one foggy morning on a detour in Charleston, WV on my way with the family to a vacation at Disneyworld. I lauged my butt off then and still do when I listen to the original album, the tape or the CD.

    If you have ever (I’m assuming you have not) listened to the old country music shows on local radio in the 40’s and 50’s (I have), there’s more truth than poetry to these parodies. They are spectacularf!

    Have met the Statler’s in person at the Ohio State Fair. What a great bunch they were! I used “Roadhog” as my CB handle for years and now use it whenever possible as my internet username. Once a fan, forever a fan!!!


  6. I do have a good copy of the 33 1/3 LP Lester “Roadhog” Moran and His Cadillac Cowboys Live at the Johnny Mack Brown High School. Are you interested?

  7. 25 years ago a friend of mine andy harris had a copy of the tape i dubbed to a cassette tape i would listen to it every night unfortuneataly i lost the cassette tape i made the statler brothers a good comedy country album every one could listen to

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