Ryan Adams :: Destroyer Sessions (2000)

ryan-adams-destroyer.jpgWith Easy Tiger (Ryan Adams ninth solo album) on the horizon, it’s a fine opportunity to post some rarities that have long been available via trading circles, yet unreleased commercially. You can still check out the Exile On Franklin Street tracks here, and the What Sin Replaces Love feature, here.

Recorded in 2000, the Destroyer sessions took place in Nashville just before the recording of Heartbreaker. Like Heartbreaker, the Destroyer material was bolstered by the production of Ethan Johns and the talents of David Rawlings and Gillian Welch.

This post-Whiskeytown, incredibly fertile, era of Adams’ career truly plays to his strengths — roots based, folky and acoustic driven music. Of all the (many) unreleased albums in Adams’ solo canon, Destroyer remains my favorite

Interview: Listen to NPR’s 2002 interview with Adams as he discusses his troves of unreleased material.

Whiskeytown :: 16 Days & Drank Like A River – Live April 5, 1997

Below are six excerpts from the fourteen track Destroyer collection.

Ryan Adams :: Born Yesterday
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Dreaming’s Free
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Poison and the Pain
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Rainy Days
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Statuettes with Wounds
Ryan Adams :: Revelator (cover)
Ryan Adams – Easy Tiger

++ Ryan Adams :: Exile On Franklin Street (2000)
++ Ryan Adams :: What Sin Replaces Love

6 thoughts on “Ryan Adams :: Destroyer Sessions (2000)

  1. Im not sure of the provenance of the songs, but the Revelator cover always sounded like it should have been in the ‘Franklin Street’ set. The wah pedal is different from all the other Destroyer tracks. What an aching rendition, though. Just so I look cool, Franklin Street is the bar row in Raleigh adjacent to NC State. I saw Ben Folds in Raleigh after he broke with that silly song ‘Brick’ and he mentioned having graduated to the heading the amphitheater from playing at the McDonald’s on Franklin. Good source material, I guess.

  2. “This post-Whiskeytown, incredibly fertile, era of Adams career truly plays to his strengths – roots based, folky and acoustic driven music. ”

    – well said!

  3. Thanks for this man, have been looking all over the place for this album.

    Don’t want to be greedy, but is there any chance of including the remaining 6 tracks from the album, (I assume the two which were included on Heartbreaker are the same versions).


  4. Hey thanks for the downloads, does anyone know where to find any downloads of Ryan’s cover of the strokes album Is This It?

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