12 thoughts on “Lost Highway :: Releases Easy Tiger Tracks

  1. I played “Two” on my show this week as we received it as the first single at my station. Just a one track CD though. Well, not true. “Two” playes 3 times in a row over three tracks. Odd way to format a single.

  2. Got the single as well. I’m told that is the old school way all radio singles were formerly released, seems odd now though…..

  3. it appears that Lost Highway also uploaded “Halloween Head” to their server as well…instead of the (1) or the (2) in the url for the tracks, this track is (3). Did they intend to “release” this track as well?

  4. I hadn’t listened to them yet, but you’re right. Having heard the full version of “Two” earlier this week, these are both long excerpts rather than the full tracks. Tricky, tricky.

  5. this stuff is dissappointing
    it sounds like Gold to me, and also like Ryan wants a good review and good sales. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think I will be. I just hope he learns soon that the middle of the road is no fun, and he should stick to the ditch.

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