neil-young-mp3.jpgOver the past couple of years I shared A Perfect Echo Volume I in sections. As promised, here is part 2 of 2, of Volume II, chronicling the years 1986 – 1989. You can find part one here.
For those interested in the back story, here are notes on the series via sharing the groove:

“Braden Strickler has done it again. He’s compiled and lovingly mastered, almost exclusively from soundboard recordings, an 8-DISC SET which runs chronologically from August 1967 to January 2001. It’s like an expanded version of the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Cowboy” concept, but with far superior sound.

This is a compilation of soundboard recordings from 1967-2001. The term soundboard is a bit of a misnomer. By soundboard I mean, basically, not an audience recording. Some are true soundboards, while others are FM, TV, ALD, or video-sourced recordings. The recordings were all taken from cdrs or videos that are circulating in the trading community. There are a total of 115 tracks (109 songs, as 6 get repeated). Some years were heavy with available recordings (1976 and 1989 come to mind). I tried to balance the set by not using too many songs from a single show. The entire 8 discs run in, roughly, chronological order.

MP3: Neil Young :: Road of Plenty (mansfield, ma, 21-sep-1986)
MP3: Neil Young :: Hippie Dream (minneapolis, mn, 17-oct-1986)
MP3: Neil Young :: Prisoners of Rock ‘n’ Roll (minneapolis, mn, 17-oct-1986)
Neil Young :: When You dance I Can Really Love (birmingham, england, 2-jun-1987)
MP3: Neil Young :: See The Sky About To Rain (birmingham, england, 2-jun-1987)
MP3: Neil Young :: Mideast Vacation (birmingham, england, 2-jun-1987)
MP3: Neil Young :: Southern Man (csny – oakland, ca, 4-dec-1988)
MP3: Neil Young :: For The Turnstiles (tulsa, ok, 13-jan-1989)
MP3: Neil Young :: Sugar Mountain (tulsa, ok, 13-jan-1989)
MP3: Neil Young :: Four Strong Winds (tulsa, ok, 13-jan-1989)
MP3: Neil Young :: Cocaine Eyes (tulsa, ok, 13-jan-1989)
MP3: Neil Young :: Like a Hurricane (tulsa, ok, 13-jan-1989)
MP3: Neil Young :: Rockin’ In The Free World (snl, ny, 30-sep-1989)
———— ++

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10 Responses to “Neil Young :: A Perfect Echo Vol II – Pt 2 of 2”

  1. Great stuff! Thanks again and again!

  2. Can you provide a link to Volume I. Please? Thanks.

  3. Whoa. SNL version of “Rockin’ in the Free World.”

  4. Great consecutive posts. Nice to hear, too, amongst many really superior performances, the excellent extended guitar solo on “Touch the Night” which turns a so-so rewrite of “Like a Hurricane”, as it appeared on the studio album, into something approaching a sequel.

    Like Scott, here, i missed out on Volume 1, but what really cuts deep is that i missed out on the “Cocaine Eyes” post from last year taken from 1987’s “Eldorado” ep. Ain’t too proud to beg.

  5. Hey guys! You should really check out this awesome remix of the Peter Bjorn and John song “Young Folks.” It’s done by none other than Kanye West! I’m sure you won’t be diasppointed!

  6. thnks

  7. THANK YOU!!!!!

  8. Thanks for this, and as long as people are asking for reposts of Vol 1 I might as well add my name to the list…..

  9. Thanks a lot for all the NEIL YOUNG mp3s.

  10. can anyone help me out and send me the snl RIFW?
    You’d be my hero.

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