Cal Tjader :: Soul Sauce (1964)


I loaned my vinyl copy of Cal Tjader’s album Soul Sauce to a friend a few weeks ago and since then I have seen/heard it seemingly everywhere (including one of my SIRIUS shows). Must be the Tjader collective consciousness at work. You know how he do.

The vinyl copy I own was originally my fathers from his college days. I randomly stumbled upon it while in high school and was immediately struck by the album’s cover art. Look at it – It’s damn near perfect, and that’s even before you hear the music enshrouded within.

Cal Tjader :: Soul Sauce (Guachi Guaro) – Live, circa 1980

MP3: Cal Tjader :: Soul Sauce (Guachi Guaro)
MP3: Cal Tjader :: Afro Blue
Amazon: Cal Tjader – Soul Sauce

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2 thoughts on “Cal Tjader :: Soul Sauce (1964)

  1. Wow! Great review. I really like the way you praise the cover art. Back then all the Verve albums covers were as great as the music within. Although I was buying them for the music, the cover art was far superior to anything at the time. In fact, Cal Tjader’s “Breeze From the East” introduced me to Hokusai.

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