Yeasayer :: Via Brooklyn

Last week, while on vacation, I was recommended Yeasayer with a caveat along the lines of ‘imagine TV By Radio if fronted by Genesis era Peter Gabriel.’ Sold. Having no official release, the MP3s found on Yeasayer’s MySpace page accompanied me, along with Cormac McCarthy’s grim novel The Road, back to LA on the flight home.Having just done a quick search I found mentions of the Brooklyn based group here, and here. Look for Yeasayer’s debut later this year on Monitor Records and scattered touring dates throughout the summer.

Yeasayer :: 2080
MP3: Yeasayer :: Sunrise
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  1. How ’bout that McCarthy? He’s probably my favorite living American author. Jim White actually pursuaded me to pick up Blood Meridian about 5 years ago and I haven’t been the same since. I can’t wait for the Cohen Bros.’ adaptation of No Country for Old Men that’s due out later this year.

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