Earlier last week A.D. friend, and fellow Lucero enthusiast, Muzzle of Bees, turned us on to the new Ben Nichols track “Dog Day Night” off of the new Thick Syrup Records Arkansas Compilation. The track has a fantastically rough Mississippi Delta vibe to it expertly anchored by Nichols trademark growl and sparse, nasty back porch electric blues guitar.

You can pick up the 24 track compilation from the folks at Thick Syrups Records here, and listen to more of the tracks via their MySpace page.

Ben Nichols :: Dog Day Night
Purchase: Thick Syrup Records – Arkansas Compilation ++ ++ lucero @ emusic

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One Response to “Ben Nichols (Lucero) :: Dog Day Night”

  1. Hell yeah! I can’t believe you discovered Lucero! These guys are the definition of a hard-working, forever-touring, fan-pleasing American band! I love this website and the fact that you provide good music with songs so we can get turned on to good artists as well. But now that you’ve included Lucero–An Aquarium Drunkard has been immortalized in my eyes.

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