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feist.jpgI, like many of you, am a fairly ardent fan of Broken Social Scene, but really, who isn’t? It’s the collectives various solo spin-offs that have, for the most part, left me a little cold. Although this has never been the case with BSS contributor Leslie Feist, and her new album, The Reminder, goes a long way backing up that sentiment.

If you frequent many music blogs you’ll note the hype (both intentional and unintentional) surrounding the Feist album was almost counter-productive (read: ad nauseam) Having said that, consider it a testament to the strength of The Reminder that, after months of oozing blog love, I am supporting it here on the Drunkard. It deserves the praise. Like fellow female singer/songwriter St. Vincent, Feist seems to be carrying on the, at times, unconventional torch lit and held by Joni Mitchell throughout the 1970s defying what it means to be a female singer/songwriter. More power to them.

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Feist :: Sea Lion Woman

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3 thoughts on “Feist :: The Reminder

  1. yeah man, i’ve been really into this record lately. i was a lot turned off by the hype about this, but i’m glad i finally checked it out.

  2. Am I the only person alive who doesn’t think Broken Social Scene can write a song to save their lives? Even a Google search for “I hate Broken Social Scene” only turns up two hits … is my “song-o-meter” broken? Argh.

    Anyhwho, Leslie, good on ya. Keep upstaging your bearded cohorts.

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