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It’s safe to say Judd Apatow’s new film, Knocked Up, is most definitely one of the funniest mainstream flicks I have seen this year. Highly, highly recommended. Also recommended is Drunkard favorite Loudon Wainwrights III’s contributions to the film’s soundtrack; the tracks “Grey In L.A.” and “Daughter,” both of which roll during the end credits and can be found on the singer/songwriter’s accompanying album Strange Weirdos: Music From & Inspired By The Film Knocked Up.

Between this and the artist’s 2005 contributions to Noah Baumbach’s (excellent) Squid And The Whale soundtrack, Wainwright could be on the verge of being discovered by an entirely new audience. Here’s hoping so.

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MP3: Loudon Wainwright III :: Grey In L.A.
MP3: Loudon Wainwright III :: Daughter
Amazon: Loudon Wainwright III – Strange Weirdos: Music From & Inspired By Knocked Up

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16 thoughts on “Loudon Wainwright III :: Soundtracking

  1. Loudon sounds better than ever on these two tracks, leaving the theater I was amazed at the quality of these two songs, like he’s getting better someohow (maybe it’s finally the right producer for him). of course and btw Loudon played the doctor who absconded to San Francisco for a Bar Mitzvah just as labor began.

  2. I also loved the movie… I love these songs too and hadn’t known it was Loudon… However, I did yell out “It’s Loudon!” when he appeared onscreen in the movie ;);)

  3. I was getting ready to fire up Grey in LA on our site this week as well! I never go to the movies, but got suckered into the worst movie ever (spiderman 3) and then saw Knocked Up last weekend. Knocked up is just a great flick all around. I’ve never been a huge wainwright fan, but I love it when you can hear the director’s favorite musicians placed in the film. Apatow is obviously a huge LW fan and the soundtrack really is perfect for the film.

  4. when i walked out the theater i asked my friends whose song that was because it seemed people in the theater knew it, were singing along. then i figured it out 🙂 great tunes 🙂

  5. “daughter” isn’t working 🙁
    and iTunes won’t sell it without the entire album. not that i don’t love it, but…

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