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I spent the past four nights in nyc. Returning to my friends pad Thursday night, post bars, he surprised me by throwing on a wonderfully aged vinyl copy of Goose Creek Symphony’s LP Established 1970. The juxtaposition of this rural music framed by Chinatown, wafting up from a few stories below, made for an interesting cross-cultural mix.

Note: Somewhat surprisingly, you can get this album at eMusic, which while very cool, seems almost out of place, as some music just feels like it was engineered for fifty cent vinyl bins. That being said, my iPod is not complaining.

MP3: Goose Creek Symphony :: I’ll Fly Away
MP3: Goose Creek Symphony :: A Satisfied Mind
Amazon: Goose Creek Symphony – Established 1970

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7 thoughts on “Goose Creek Symphony :: Established 1970

  1. Haven’t seen – or even heard anyone talk about – these guys since I left KY nearly 30 years ago. Great to hear again.

  2. I had to think for a while, but Puff Daddy ripped off that first line in “All Fly Away” for his tribute to BIG in that remake of “I’ll Be Missing You”.

  3. I have always loved this music and always will. First heard them at a place called Charlie B’s Ranch Arena in Seneca, SC in the mid 70’s. I think they loved performing there as much as we loved them performing there. I was pirveleged to see them live several times there. I don’t think we really knew what style of music it was but it was so much fun it didn’t matter. Everyone was high either on life or “something”. I am a musiciam myself and have always been able to tell when someone feels the music and plays it with ease. They not only reflected but helped create the times we were living in. These guys embody that sort of free style thinking in their lyrics and music. They have always been that way and have stayed true to their roots. I can’t say enough about how they changed the way I thought about music. During that time period country music sucked pretty bad and bluegrass was just about nonexistant to most young people, but they found a way to blend it all together that everybody loved. It opened my mind to all kinds of music and to this day Iam still that way. Thank you. Old hippies never die, they just retire a Goose Creek Symphony fan. Steve

  4. Was just reminiscing with an old friend about Charlie B’s Ranch Arena. One of the only acts we could remember were these guys. Can’t find any reference to the venue anywhere online. Does anyone know who else was there or where to find out?

  5. I was there that day. Along with Goose Creek, there was Wet Willie, Foghat, and The James Gang (after Joe Walsh). Late August 1973, it was very, very hot.

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