Michael Yonkers :: De Stijl Reissue Grimwood (1969)


Remember a few years back when Drag City reissued Gary Higgins 1973 psych-folk album Red Hash? Well Sub Pop, around the same time (teamed with De Stijl label), pulled a similar move with the reissue of Michael Yonkers album Microminiature Love rescuing it from obscurity. Thank you.

Now, the De Stijl label is reissuing Yonkers Grimwood LP. But, we haven’t heard that yet, so here are two tracks off the Microminiature Love reissue. If you have not heard these before, both come highly recc’d, and are Drunkard approved.

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MP3: Michael Yonkers :: Microminiature Love
MP3: Michael Yonkers :: Sold America

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