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podcast.jpgWelcome to Episode 33 of the podcast edition of The Aquarium Drunkard Show; airing live every Wednesday 2-4 p.m. PST at the Little Radio studios in downtown L.A. As requested, below is the tracklisting order for this week’s podcast. This podcast episode is a recording of my recent guests, Travel By Sea, live at Little Radio this past Wednesday.

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Band of Bees – Love In The Harbour ++ Howe Gelb – Paradise Here Abouts ++ Centro-matic – Triggers & Trash Heaps ++ Travel By Sea – Return To Me (Sparklehorse cover) ++ Travel By Sea – Too Much Too Quickly ++ chat with Travel By Sea ++ Travel By Sea – Hopefully (Live) ++ Travel By Sea – Complete Shakeup ++ Travel By Sea – Gone (Live) ++ Goose Creek Symphony – Satisfied Mind ++ Travel By Sea – Can’t Be Wrong (Live) ++ Ryan Adams – Rainy Days ++ Jack Logan – Shrunken Head ++ Travel By Sea – Songs of Warmth ++ Shearwater – Palo Santo ++ Grizzly Bear – The Knife ++ Loose Fur – The Ruling Class ++ Superwolf – My Home Is The Sea ** Travel By Sea guest DJs the rest of show.

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3 thoughts on “Now Podcasting :: Episode 33

  1. ‘it makes no difference’ is a great closing track. my morning jacket did a really nice cover of it for ‘endless highway,’ fyi.

  2. Justin, for the love of all that is holy, SPEAK CLEARLY INTO THE MICROPHONE. PROJECT! PROJECT! Your commentary is all but inaudible. Always has been. Not a charming quirk but an irksome thorn-in-side-of-podcast!

    Good show, though…

  3. No longer “one of the best” podcasts, this is the best podcast out there right now. This latest show is amazing, a return to your “new west” style of new music choices (Centro-matic is like unto gods to me). I remember Jack Logan’s track from a while back, also excellent. I was starting to worry that you were going a bit too “oldie” on me. Nice to have the New back in town.

    Millersburg (light metal poisoning capital of the US) Oregon

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