The above photo was snapped in Austin by White Denim super-enthusiast Gorilla vs. Bear. Hey man, nice shot. You may recall us describing these guys as “the shit” post SXSW, because, well, they are.

The band is releasing their recent EP on vinyl this week if your into that type of thing. If not, check the iTunes order link below.

White Denim :: Shake, Shake, Shake
Purchase: White Denim – Let’s Talk About It (ep)

www.whitedenimmusic.com ++ white denim myspace ++ more white denim mp3s

+ Download tunes at eMusic via their 25 free MP3 offer

2 Responses to “White Denim :: Vinyl EP Out This Week”

  1. thats why i say hey man nice shot…what song was that

  2. from Filter’s first album ‘Short Bus’ (1995)

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