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love-arthur-lee.jpgLast summer, the music world lost a legend when Love’s Arthur Lee passed away after a long bout with cancer. Now, nearly a year later, HIP-O Select have released the Blue Thumb recordings, three CDs comprised of the double LP Out Here, which is reportedly tracks leftover from Love’s last album with Elektra Four Sail, False Start, and an unreleased live UK concert from 1970.

Production Details: “While Lee delivered Elektra the necessary tracks to complete their contract (note the Four Sail title and its dual meaning), the remainder of those highly prolific sessions produced over an hour of extra material, which was released as Out Here. With tracks ranging from one minute to nearly twelve minutes in length, Out Here shows the band at a creative peak. The band followed this release with False Start. Another masterpiece, the album was written and arranged by Lee, with the exception of its opening track —“The Everlasting First” — on which he co-wrote and shared arrangement credits with Jimi Hendrix. If that wasn’t enough, Hendrix contributed lead guitar work recorded just six months before his tragic death. “

Love :: Your Mind and We Belong Together (Promo Film 1968)

MP3: Love :: My Little Red Book (live 1970)
MP3: Love :: Love Is More Than Words (live 1970) fixed
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4 thoughts on “Love :: The Blue Thumb Recordings

  1. I kind of need to buy these records…like immediately. Despite being a total Love fanboy, I’ve never been all that about False Start, but “everlasting first” is still ridiculously great.

    Re: the waffle house comment, you are a wise man indeed, sir. I personally went with the smothered hash browns. To quote Hansel from Zoolander: “It changed my whole perspective on shit.”

  2. The Hip-O set sounds marginally better than the previous releases (read: just louder), but the liner notes are so lame. What’s with these limited releases and their barely fact-checked or proofread liner notes? Anyway, the live disc is pretty much shit, because Lee’s voice is just….out there.

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