the-white-stripes-poster-c10130007.jpgTonight, The White Stripes played a secret, tiny show here in L.A. to a group of super-fans who, apparently, camped out in Hollywood in front of the old Tower Records on Sunset Blvd. — in the baking heat — for four days. While I would personally never pull such a move, I must say that after digging on Icky Thump over the past week, it’s a safe bet they were treated to a full on rock show.

Icky Thump: The new album excels in bringing things back to – more or less – the basics. While I loved last summers Raconteurs album, White’s collaboration with Brendan Benson, I wasn’t near as hot on the last Stripes LP, Get Behind Me Satan, as it didn’t seem to measure up to the prior Stripes albums in either direction or continuity. Not the case here — Press play on this one and the title track smacks the taste right out of your mouth…and then some.

Check out the guitar effects on “Icky Thump” below, and then reminisces with “The Same Boy You’ve Always Known” off their 2001 breakout album White Blood Cells.

Elsewhere: Live: The White Stripes at Irving Plaza, 06.20.07 (Village Voice Review)


MP3: The White Stripes :: Icky Thump
MP3: The White Stripes :: The Same Boy You’ve Always Known
Amazon: White Stripes – Icky Thump ++ ++ emusic

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7 Responses to “The Same Band You’ve Always Known…”

  1. whats that link on the bottom? to the Irving Plaza show? its broken

  2. I sure miss those days of my youth where I could wait in the sun 4 days for a free White Stripes show. Damn job and responsibilities.

  3. i read that they gave tickets to the first 200 people to come and buy the new album… also, they painted the building so that it read ‘icky thump records.’ those crazy whites.

  4. ev, link fixed. its a live review from village voice

  5. I dont hear the similarities exactly. Is the faint guitar effects in the background of “Same Boy” what you’re suggesting?

  6. im not suggesting any similarities b/w the two. i just like same boy youve always known as a song

  7. I’m also really digging Icky Thump. Nothin’ there not to like. But I liked GBM,S more than most, I guess.

    But what I really want to know is this: Am I the only one who thinks Meg is, well, kind of hot?

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