Emitt Rhodes :: Somebody Made For Me


A number of folks inquired about this tune after I played it on the air last Wednesday. Soooo…it was Emitt Rhodes “Somebody Made For Me” off his 1970 self-titled debut album. This is just about the absolute perfect pop song.

MP3: Emitt Rhodes :: Somebody Made For Me
Amazon: Emitt Rhodes – S/T (out of print)

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11 thoughts on “Emitt Rhodes :: Somebody Made For Me

  1. Goodbye Internet Radio !

    From now on I can only download stupid crap like Emmit Rhodes on your dumb website ! Arrgh !

  2. Emitt Rhodes — great musician, incredibly sad story. Basically, ridiculous jerking around by a record company led to the surfacing of some mental health problems. It would be wonderful if he could ever come back. This really one of the saddest tales in music, right up there with Pete Ham.


    P.S. I find myself at your website very frequently. Love the rarities.

  3. Why the hell is this album out of print? The record companies are always bitching about piracy, but half the stuff I want to get hold of is unavailable legally (Vivian Stanshall’s “Men Opening Umbrellas”, anyone?) If they want us to buy music, they should sell it.

    One of Emitt Rhodes’ songs, “Time Will Show the Wiser”, was recorded by Fairport Convention on their first album. I’ve never heard his original version. The song was also included on Richard Thompson’s (guitar, vocal) album, which ridiculously is also out of print.

  4. This is my wife’s ringtone for when I call her. She’s so freaking awesome. I really, really wish Emitt would release SOMETHING else. It drives me crazy that his past albums are OOP (other than American Dream) and that NOBODY is showing any interest in issuing anything new from him. Emitt, if you’re out there, hop to it!

  5. One of my favourite songs. Can u have it available for download, pleeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz?!

    Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

  6. Where in this world could I get “Time will show the wiser”?
    I’ve heard it first at the French (!) radio station !Salut les Copains”, it was a hit in France in 1967…
    And as simple as it ist, it’s just a nice pop song!

  7. Yes I concur. Even though Emitt nicked a lot of the chord progression from McCartney’s “Blackbird” (Seriously- you can sing ‘into the light of a dark black night’ at several parts of this song). However, Emitt transformed it and made it his own. And that album was definitely the album McCartney’s first solo album should have been (but sadly wasn’t). Another example of how success leads to self-indulgence. Emitt kept it real.

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