pauls-boutique.jpgGreat minds must read alike, as I noticed mokb recently jawwed about this same book. Reading the Paul’s Boutique 33 1/3, by Dan LeRoy, was both an education in sampling and a blast from the wayyy past, as I bought this on cassette in the seventh grade, almost twenty years ago (wow), and literally wore it out. The cassette itself was green plastic — my friends copy was purple.

After the cassette wore out I graduated to a CD copy which offered the option of skipping to the exact sections of the track I wanted to hear…and I could now cut up “B-Boy Bouillabaisse” and transfer the clips to cassette. Having “Hello Brooklyn” by itself, separated from the Bouillabaisse, became a serious addition to many a mix tape from then on out. Now, with MP3s, and software like Audacity, such a feat would take under a minute, but in the early ’90s the shit took some effort.

Anyway, back to the book. One of the many interesting informational nuggets you’ll learn (should you pick this up) is that “Hello Brooklyn” is, in fact, the oldest song on the album. It reportedly got it’s beginnings shortly after the Licensed To Ill tour in Adam Yauch’s NYC apartment. It is also the first track the Beasties brought to Paul’s Boutique producers Matt Dike and the guys who would go on to become known as the Dust Brothers.

Cover-related trivia (via): There is a visible copy of the record The Modern Lovers, by The Modern Lovers, sitting with some other records, including Let’s Stay Together by Al Green. Also seen on the cover hanging among some clothes is a Dwight Gooden New York Mets jersey.

Essential: Paul’s Boutique Samples and References List

MP3: Beastie Boys :: B-Boy Bouillabaisse
MP3: Beastie Boys :: Hello Brooklyn (edit)

Video: Beastie Boys :: Shake Your Rump (1989)

Amazon: Dan LeRoy :: The Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique (33 1/3)
Amazon: Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique ++ ++ emusic

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9 Responses to “The Best In Mens Clothing :: Paul’s Boutique”

  1. man i listened to that tape in my car so many times. thanks!!

  2. I am a bit younger, so my introduction to the Beastie Boys was Ill Communication. “Sabotage” was ubiquitous on my television in those days. When I actually began to explore their music years later, the first time I heard Paul’s Boutique was like a revelation. As much as I love pretty much everything the Boys have ever done, it’s still my favorite of their albums. The really brilliant Check Your Head comes close, but not quite there.

  3. loved this one. has it really been 20 years? i also bought the cassette when it came out. mine was red!

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  5. So Le Drunkard was a high plains drifter/ a pirate on cassette?

  6. definitly silly bitch

  7. ch-check out this b-boy bouillabaisse remix.mp3

  8. Your post is really helpful. can you show me where to get Mets Jackets?

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