The above photo is of the Beastie Boys old G-Son Studio located about a mile east of me in Atwater Village. It has nothing to do with The Mix-Up, but it is here that they recorded many a jam in the ’90s before heading back east to NYC.

Like the B-Boys 1996 compilation The In Sound From Way Out, 2007s The Mix-Up finds the trio strictly rocking all-instrumental jams; only this time it ain’t a comp, but a fully realized LP. Here, the boys stray farther away from their Meters inspired ’90s jams and move into more varied territory channeling another ten years of influences. The below video is the B-Boys performing “off The Grid” off the new LP.

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The Beastie Boys :: 14th Street Break (sendspace link)
Amazon: The Beastie Boys – The Mix-Up

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Patti Smith :: Live 1976 @ The Old Grey Whistle Test

Has anyone checked out the new-ish Patti Smith album Twelve? I’m told the LP is a collection of covers done up in the only way Smith knows how – her own. She was recently in L.A., at the Troubadour, with her band in support of the album. I’m bummed I didn’t make it out that evening, so if you happened to be in attendance, leave a comment below and tell us how it was.

I’ve been lost in You Tube the past hour watching old live concert footage from the mid-late ’70s, primarily in the NYC rock and new wave scene. Not surprisingly Patti Smith entered the mix. Say what you will about her later material, but her seminal albums Horses (and Easter) are triumphs. The below video is of Patti Smith at the UK’s Old Grey Whistle Test television program in 1976.

Video: Patti Smith plays “Land” on The Old Grey Whistle Test (1976)

Patti Smith :: Land
Amazon: Patti Smith – Horses

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  1. “it’s slower than i remember. and very beautiful.”

    “it is very beautiful–”

    “–and mysterious!”



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