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ny-groove.jpgEveryone has a song they love by a band they don’t — I’m sure a handful immediately come to mind. But what about songs you love by bands you, well, almost hate? I have a recent one, and it’s “New York Groove” by none other than Kiss. Yes, that KISS.

It’s track two, on side two, on the 1978 Ace Frehley vinyl LP. After hearing a DJ, earlier that night, I was instructed to put this one on, after midnight, while going through a friend records. I was initially aghast at the idea, but sure enough, within seconds of the needle hitting the grooves I was wholly on board.

This has, so far, been my ultimate summer jam. Throw this on in a DJ set, cast aside those preconceptions, and get down. I later learned that the track is actually a cover song by the band Hello, so that’s probably why I like it. Sorry KISS.

What songs do you dig by bands you really don’t? Hit us up in the comments — don’t be shy.

Kiss :: New York Groove (sendspace link)
MP3: Hello :: New York Groove
Amazon: Kiss – Ace Frehley

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14 thoughts on “Under The Covers :: New York Groove

  1. First, KISS has another good song…STRUTTER

    songs i like by bands i hate

    Far Cry – Rush

    Rich Girl – Hall & Oates

  2. I only ‘hate’ them in the sense that they were useless pop music, but I’ll be damned if even now “Out of My Heart, Into Your Head” by BB Mak is one of the great pop songs I’ve heard in my life. Flawless, even with the ridiculously simply and somewhat assinine lyrics.

  3. When I was in middle school, I was a HUGE KISS fan. I was in the KISS Army and made sure I was home to watch KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park when it showed on TV. That 10-year-old in me still has a soft spot for them.

    Technically, this Ace Frehley album isn’t a “KISS” record. It was part of five releases that came out at the same time – one solo release by each band member and a full band record called “Dynasty.” Ace had session musicians backing him on this as do most of the other members on their albums. His first REAL solo CD, “Frehley’s Comet,” came out in the late 80’s and his backing band included Will Lee and Anton Figg, the rhythm section from David Letterman’s band.

    Why do I know all this? 🙂

  4. In a similar vein, I hate pretty much everything about Ted Nugent, but I gotta cop to the fact that I love the song Stranglehold… I reach for the dial and crank it whenever that one comes on.

  5. i’m sure i will be judged heavily for the statement i am about to make, but i dont care. the shins fucking suck. they bore the shit out of me. that being said caring is creepy has got me hook line and sinker. it’s a gem

  6. ace frehley was my hero when i was little. i can’t believe i never knew this was a cover. thanks.

    as far as greatness by shit bands goes, disintegration has no equal.

  7. On another Ace Frehley cover note – check out 2,000 man on the album Dynasty. It’s a cover of a Rolling Stones song and it totally destroys their version.

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