Years ago I owned a cassette that was a home-made Bad Brains reggae compilation. Now, after listening to the reggae cuts on the new, Adam Yauch produced, Bad Brains album Build A Nation, I wish I still had it. While I, for the most part, grew out of the Brains hardcore punk material, I always came back to their reggae cuts. I guess some things never change. Hell of a reunion album.

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MP3: Bad Brains :: Natty Dreadlocks ‘pon the Mountain Top
Amazon: Bad Brains – Build A Nation

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6 Responses to “Bad Brains :: Build A Nation”

  1. Bad Brain’s brand new album BUILD A NATION is in stores now! Head to to make a smart purchase, this is a killer album!

  2. woo hoo! I’m going out right now to get build a nation!!!!! the only think i’m possibly more excited about is the TODOS TUS MUERTOS album!!! trust me, if you like Bad Brains, you’ll LOVE TTM, even though they’re Argentinean and sing in Spanish!

  3. Hey! that’s one of my photos! It’s actually 2 pics cut together and was used without permission as a poster insert for the I Against I vinyl release.
    It was taken at the 1st BB reunion at the Rock Hotel in NYC @’86, which was one of the greatest shows of all time.

    It’s a trip to find it on the ‘net 20 years later.

  4. Yo, Stevie dread! I’ve been trying to find you! E-mail me at

  5. it was actually the summer of 1985….reunion that is. First show since ’83. Though HR was playing as HUMAN RIGHTS in ’84/’85. Sick show for sure.

  6. […] Natty dreadlocks ‘pon the mountain top Universal peace Give thanks and praises (I found a couple other blogs with this song too) PAY TO CUM!!!!!!!!!! Re-ignition […]

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