MMJ :: At Dawn/Tennessee Fire Demos

mmj-demos.jpgListening to At Dawn for the first time, five or so years ago, was a memorable occasion…seeing the band live for first time was even more so. Once my curiosity was piqued I began to scrounge around online looking for other MMJ recordings besides their debut The Tennessee Fire. In my search I discovered that the initial pressing of At Dawn came complete with a very limited edition bonus disc of acoustic demos mirroring the final LP – the At Dawn Demos.

It was next to impossible to score one of these at used CD stores. Until now. Darla Records has just released the At Dawn and Tennessee Fire demos together, on one CD, complete with the no frills title: At Dawn & Tennessee Fire Demos Package.

Production notes: “When Darla released My Morning Jacket’s epic second record At Dawn the first 2500 CD and 1000 LP came with a bonus demos disc, which was like another, little At Dawn. It has long been out of print now and we frequently receive requests for it. The beloved demos disc is available once again with the addition of previously unreleased demo versions of key tracks from My Morning Jacket’s debut record The Tennessee Fire recording sessions, plus a few other gems recorded during the term that haven’t yet seen the light of day including “Lil Billy”, which was a staple of My Morning Jacket’s live set but was never recorded in a studio.”

My Morning Jacket :: The Way That He Sings (Demo)
MP3: My Morning Jacket :: I Needed It Most (Demo)
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2 thoughts on “MMJ :: At Dawn/Tennessee Fire Demos

  1. The King of Reverb. That demo version of The Way That He Sings is awesome. It’s a little more upfront and personal. I Needed It Most is also a gem.

  2. i was one of the lucky ones that got the demo disc with my copy of At Dawn. It has since been played so much it’s skipping in parts. Possibly my favorite record of all time, bar none. the track “Chills” is the greatest Jim James vocal, it sounds like he’s singing into a mineshaft, or possibly an empty galaxy, far far away. I get “chills” listening to that, every time. the perfect combination of emotion and raw skill.

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