Drive-By Truckers Talk Two New Albums…

dbt.jpgNever one to shy away from Drive-By Truckers related news, here is a heads up for all you DBT fans that have yet to check out this new PASTE magazine feature published online a few days ago. Sounds like good news for Cooley fans; also of note is the mention of the Truckers working with badass Blues mama Betty Lavette — See full article HERE, and selected excerpts below…..

Excerpt: PASTE – How’s the record coming? Patterson Hood: We spent like five days recording and we’re off to a pretty great start. Wednesday of the first week, we ended up nailing like six songs. [Guitarist Mike] Cooley’s really been writing — he hit kind of prolific streak. He’s usually a two-real-strong-songs-a-year kind of guy. And all the sudden we’re working on this record with like eight new Cooley songs. I’ve always been kind of partial to his songs anyway, so the more the better for me.

Excerpt: PASTE – I’ve been reading about this album you’ve been working on with Betty Lavette. Paterson Hood: Every worse case scenario you can imagine, career-wise, happened to her. So she goes into Muscle Shoals in ‘72, and she signs with Atlantic and made what everyone perceived to be a really great record. Then something went wrong and no one really knows what happened. Atlantic shelved it and it didn’t come out for like 30-something years. It finally got reissued in Europe a few years ago and became this kind of cult thing, then got reissued in America. And that lead to her getting her current record deal with Anti-. So we’re kind of doing the follow-up to her finally having a breakthrough, which was kind of scary, because it’s a big responsibility to think about as long as she’s been doing this and for her to finally have a little bit of momentum going, and all the sudden they put her in the studio with a bunch of crazy people. (Laughs)

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Drive-By Truckers :: Space City
MP3: Betty Lavette :: Joy (lucinda williams cover)
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  1. saw the DBT last week. good stuff. different without isbell, but still bad ass. the new stuff sounds great.

  2. Isbell is about to drop his new album. Troubadour show in early August. An album full of Cooley songs is something to look forward to.

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