A big thank you to Matt Picasso for originally sharing these unreleased, live Malkmus tracks (and then later re-hooking me up after I promptly lost them.) The sound quality on these is fantastic.

The following nine tracks are culled from The Jicks January 20th gig in Portland during this past winter’s tour. I was at the tours kickoff show at Bimbos, in San Francisco, a couple of weeks prior, and the place got nuts. Malkmus strolled on-stage sporting a straight up bandito mustache and led the band through an improvised, fuzzed out, jammy two hour set.

**To see said Malkmus ‘stache — and the band performing “Pencil Rot” — that night, click HERE. You can also catch a bit of Janet Weiss killing the drum kit.

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Stephen Malkmus :: Real Emotional Trash
MP3: Stephen Malkmus :: We Can’t Help It
MP3: Stephen Malkmus :: Dragonfly Pie
MP3: Stephen Malkmus :: Merry Go Round
MP3: Stephen Malkmus :: Baltimore Again
MP3: Stephen Malkmus :: Walk Into A Mirror
MP3: Stephen Malkmus :: Pennywhistle Thunder
MP3: Stephen Malkmus :: Hopscotch Willie
MP3: Stephen Malkmus :: Wicked Wanda
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4 Responses to “Stephen Malkmus :: (Nine Unreleased) Live Jams”

  1. it just hit me how much malkmus resembles kyle maclachlan. goddamn.

  2. […] Nine unreleased Stephen Malkmus live tracks […]

  3. Holy Hell! Great tracks. Especially Dragonfly Pie and Wicked Wanda. He can jam at my house anytime.

  4. Anyone know the song “Turn you on” Malkmus did? Can’t seem to find it.

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