Stephen Malkmus :: (Nine Unreleased) Live Jams


A big thank you to Matt Picasso for originally sharing these unreleased, live Malkmus tracks (and then later re-hooking me up after I promptly lost them.) The sound quality on these is fantastic.

The following nine tracks are culled from The Jicks January 20th gig in Portland during this past winter’s tour. I was at the tours kickoff show at Bimbos, in San Francisco, a couple of weeks prior, and the place got nuts. Malkmus strolled on-stage sporting a straight up bandito mustache and led the band through an improvised, fuzzed out, jammy two hour set.

**To see said Malkmus ‘stache — and the band performing “Pencil Rot” — that night, click HERE. You can also catch a bit of Janet Weiss killing the drum kit.

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Stephen Malkmus :: Real Emotional Trash
MP3: Stephen Malkmus :: We Can’t Help It
MP3: Stephen Malkmus :: Dragonfly Pie
MP3: Stephen Malkmus :: Merry Go Round
MP3: Stephen Malkmus :: Baltimore Again
MP3: Stephen Malkmus :: Walk Into A Mirror
MP3: Stephen Malkmus :: Pennywhistle Thunder
MP3: Stephen Malkmus :: Hopscotch Willie
MP3: Stephen Malkmus :: Wicked Wanda
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  1. Holy Hell! Great tracks. Especially Dragonfly Pie and Wicked Wanda. He can jam at my house anytime.

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