The Blakes :: Sign To Light In The Attic Records


Seattle garage rock outfit, The Blakes, are now on board with the ever increasingly cool Light In The Attic Records. As mokb recently mentioned, this is a band KEXP has been touting for some time now, and for good reason. This wider distro is great for both the band, and those of us who live outside the northwest and want to hear their work. The label has plans to reissue both the tour EP and first album…details to come.

MP3: The Blakes :: Don’t Bother Me
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2 thoughts on “The Blakes :: Sign To Light In The Attic Records

  1. Light in the Attic puts out fantastic shit. I really dig the Blakes, and I’m excited to be able to pick their stuff up.

  2. The Blakes rule! I’ve seen them once already and am seeing them on Feb. 15th. I can’t wait! They really have a great rock sound and the stage presence to match.

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