Sonic Youth fan? If so you’re surely aware the group is playing several dates this summer in which they will be performing their 1988 album Daydream Nation in it’s entirety. Part of All Tomorrow’s Parties Don’t Look Back Series, this is ye Holy Grail for old school indie rock fans. Here at the Drunkard home offices, we are more than a little excited for their July 20th date at the Greek Theatre, here in Los Angeles, and want to give away a pair of tickets to a Drunkard reader.

How to get the tickets:
Just leave a comment below listing your favorite Sonic Youth track and/or album, and, briefly, why. Also, leave your name and a valid email address where it asks for one. We will choose a winner at random by this Friday and email you the details of when/where to pick up the tickets. If no one has responded to the email by Sunday at noon PST we will choose another winner.

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Sonic Youth :: Teenage Riot
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12 Responses to “Daydream Nation :: Ticket Giveaway (Greek Theatre)”

  1. Youth Against Fascism from Dirty is easily my favorite. One of their more rockin’ songs, but still plenty of distortion and whateverthelllisit that makes Sonic Youth so great. Cant make it to the LA show, just thought I’d drop a line.

  2. I like the song Within You, Without You – the George Harrison cover from the Deluxe Edition of Daydream Nation. Why? Because I think it best represents the band’s range and devotion to experimental punk.

  3. For me it has to be “Pink Steam” from Rather Ripped. “Pink Steam” is a perfect example of SY building the vibe on a song to perfection. They take their time to get to great hights, never rush. To put out an album as great as Rather Ripped that many albums in is a masterful feat.

    They were amazing at Coachella.

  4. “theresa’s soundworld” is my favorite sy song. theres just something so creepy and nasty about it, i go off into la la land everytime i hear it. i am a big fan. oh man, i love the “superstar”, carpenters cover that they do as well. its just sick and wrong. its a really well written and beautiful song, and sy just muck it all up, and give it that special grey area touch that it needed. thanks a lot. m.a.

  5. My favorite Sonic Youth track is Little Trouble Girl.
    It hasn’t always been, but it’s the track I can listen to over and over again, and the vocal blend of the two Kims is just perfection.

  6. “Schizophrenia” would be mine. Reminds me of when I made my foray into the sound world of the Sonics. Asked they 2nd in command at Iowa City’s Record Collector for his recommendation of a starter Sonic Youth album. (Called this guy “the Boston Dude” because his hair was big and round, like the guys from the band Boston.) So I asked Boston Dude what he thought. His response was, “Well I think they suck, but Kirk likes Sister.” I am still irritated by the way he drew out the word suck. Anyway, Kirk was the owner. I took Kirk’s (indirect) advice and began a long love affair with Sonic Youth. So Schizophrenia, from Sister, is my choice. Please say a prayer for Boston Dude–he ain’t know what he was missing.

  7. “Self Obsessed and Sexxee” off of Experimental, Jet Set, Trash and No Star. It is so classic Sonic Youth, complete with disaffected lyrics, distorted guitar climaxes, and yet contains a unique pop sensibility that makes the song so rockin’

    If indies and 90s hipsters needed a soundtrack to their lives, this would be the lead off track.

  8. 100% off of Dirty. I know, I know. It’s the only song that they actually had a “hit” with. But, it’s the song that introduced me to them. Plus, when I bought the album, it had that freaky back cover with the stuffed animals. I’m talking about the cover that you had to lift off the part that holds the actual CD.

  9. “‘Cross the Breeze” makes me wanna fuck Kim.

  10. My fave SY track is “The Diamond Sea” off Washing Machine. I remember hearing the radio edit when I was 14 years old and, later, being floored by the album version. What is it, like 14 minutes long?

  11. Goo, because it has my favorite Lee Ranaldo track, “Mote”, the Chuck D cameo, the Pettibon cover art and even a good Kim song.

  12. “Titanium Expose” off GOO. Heard it the first time on the Pump Up The Volume soundtrack!

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