To The Sad, Sad Truth, The Dirty Lowdown

silk-degrees.jpgIt’s hard to express how much I really like this funky little ’70s pop song. Even before the iPod and MP3 players were all the rage, I would throw this track on mix CDs and listen to it on my portable player with headphones. I particularly remember one such occasion, years ago, running through LAX in a desperate attempt to catch a flight while this Boz Scaggs tune provided the soundtrack. I missed it.
They don’t really make music like this anymore, do they? Smoove ain’t it?

“Baby’s into runnin’ around, Hanging with the crowd, Putting your business in the street talking out loud, Saying you bought her this and that And how much you done spent I swear she must believe it’s all heaven sent, Hey boy, you better bring the chick around To the sad, sad truth, the dirty lowdown…”

MP3: Boz Scaggs :: Lowdown
Amazon: Boz Scaggs – Silk Degrees

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9 thoughts on “To The Sad, Sad Truth, The Dirty Lowdown

  1. Oh HELL YEAH. I love this track too. It reminds me of summers at the beach when I was little, tuning in to the one station that came in clearly on the night air. I’ve got it on multiple playlists on the iPod.

  2. I love this song; it came out when I was 15, and had to be a “guilty pleasure”, because, in those days, we were all listening to…ahem…Styx, Kansas, Rush…blecch! Glad I outgrew that lil’ phase!
    Wish some of my friends had.

  3. Boz did some sweeet blue eyed soul years prior to this album. Boz Scaggs wasthe album, recorded at Muscle Shoals. Duane Allmann on too! Blog that, if you would.
    Great song by the way. Keeps summer swingin’.

  4. I was thinking about him the other day, that song “Jo-Jo” off the record with the fishnet leg. My brother & sister had that record when I was little and I was wondering when somebody was gonna give a shout-out to him. You did, hotdog.

  5. Hell yea! I actually bought his Anthology CD (1969-1997) Great memories..
    thanks for this!

  6. I’d already picked up on a few Boz LP’s in the years preceding the ‘Bicentenniel Spring’ of ’76 when Silk Degrees dropped, but nothing prepared me for ‘Lowdown’ and the rest of Silk Degrees.

    They DID play Lido into the ground, but I don’t think I could ever grow tired of ‘Lowdown’. Likewise, ‘Harbor Lights’ is an underappreciated masterpiece off of this album and while I’m in the mood for heaping praise on the Boz, ‘It’s Over’ and ‘Georgia’ are none too shabby, either.

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