The Great Outdoors :: Food, Booze & Entertainment

the-great-outdoors-booze.jpg4-5 weeks ago, out of (seemingly) nowhere, I received The Great Outdoors new album Food, Booze & Entertainment. Apparently Songs:Illinois did as well (and was similarly impressed). Released early spring via the Canadian label DDG Records, the album/book combo has been an unexpected treat over the past month. This is rugged folk I plan on listening to a lot more before the summer ends, but will sound even better framing the coming Fall even more so.

Here is the label’s take on the eclectic, Canadian folk collective: “The Great Outdoors is Adam Nation’s project involving many players in the Vancouver music scene. Adam plays banjo, ukulele, tenor, flamenco and steel string guitars. He has a collection of instruments and songs for each one. Adam is one — fifth of and the main songwriter in counterrevolutionaries, a Vancouver rock band that has released two records on DDG and tours Canada regularly.”

MP3: The Great Outdoors :: 1983… (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) (Hendrix cover)
MP3: The Great Outdoors :: Land of My Deceased
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6 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors :: Food, Booze & Entertainment

  1. Oh man, such a great record. They are opening up for another great Vancouver band in a few weeks – The Mohawk Lodge. Also worth checking out.

  2. His voice sound really great at times. I kind of wish there was more content/substance in each song. You know, maybe throw in a B section in the format (A B A, etc)

  3. Love Adam’s songwriting. And love his Neil Young-esque guitar work with DDG’s Kingsway, too. This man could be our neighbors to the north’s best kept secret…

  4. Is this the same “great outdoors” as from the Hal Hartley soundtracks?

    Or was that only and specifically “hub moore and the great outdoors”?

    I ask because you seem to like soundtracks as much as I do.

  5. This is great stuff. The horn in Land of My Deceased is beautiful. But I don’t see the album for sale on the label’s site.

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