The Yardbirds – Stroll On (From Blow Up – 1966)

blow up 1966Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni’s film Blow Up, from 1966, left a lasting impression on me. Its depiction of mod-cool, sixties London, is aesthetically on point throughout its entirety — and that’s not even taking in consideration the actual (murder mystery) plot, which itself is both meandering (in the style of sixties art-house) and engrossing.

The Music: The majority of the film is scored by Herbie Hancock, which, while appropriate, pales in comparison to The Yardbirds segment in which a young Jimmy Page plays on while while watching bandmate, Jeff Beck, frustrated with amp feedback, destroy his guitar in the middle of a performance. This is the second time I have posted this video on the Drunkard. It is sixties London, blues based, garage at its best. It is also The Yardbirds finest incarnation.

The Yardbirds :: Stroll On
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7 thoughts on “The Yardbirds – Stroll On (From Blow Up – 1966)

  1. I was just talking about this movie / this song on the message board the other day.

    bravo… great minds think alike.

  2. but don’t forget it’s totally fake live….and it’s Jimmy on bass during that recording. Also that Antonioni first wants the Who (smashing perfectly good guitars…), the mods refused, then a band called Tomorrow (first Yes’s Steve Howe band), the crew even building differents Howe’s guitars replicas ,and finally those Birds.

  3. Wow, and I thought modern hipster audiences were indifferent. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crowd as indifferent as this one is in the beginning.

  4. in fact, the very first choice of M.A. was…the Velvet Underground! Not very swingin’London btw..After seeing The Who he wanted them, and noticing their rejection he asked the Yardbirds to do the same kind of live act than Roger and Peter!

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