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How many times, so far, have you watched Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited trailer? I think here at the A.D. home offices we are up to around, oh, ten, give or take a few.

Back in 2005 Wes Anderson was the first filmmaker profiled in our (presently on hiatus) series A Soundtrack Enthusiast. For those of you who were not reading back then, we’ve dusted this one off, and updated it with The Kinks track “This Time Tomorrow” off the album Lola versus Powerman, which runs throughout the trailer. Once again, Anderson has our attention.

++ Be sure to leave your favorite Wes Anderson film in the comments; it will be interesting to see where everyone stands. And if you have not viewed The Darjeeling Limited trailer yet, make a point to check it out below.

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Some of my favorite films of the past decade have been the works of Wes Anderson. His impeccable attention to detail draws the audience right into his world and imagination. It’s no surprise that I am almost always as eager to hear the soundtrack as to see the actual films. Almost. Here are some tracks spanning his five films thus far, not including any of Anderson’s longtime collaborator, Mark Mothersbaugh’s, inspired film scores.

MP3: The Darjeeling Limited: The Kinks – This Time Tomorrow
MP3: Bottle Rocket: The Rolling Stones – 2000 Man
MP3: Rushmore: Creation – Making Time
MP3: Rushmore: The Kinks – Nothing In This World Can Stop Me Worryin’
MP3: The Royal Tenenbaums: The Ramones – Judy Is A Punk
MP3: The Royal Tenenbaums: Elliott Smith – Needle In The Hay
MP3: The Life Aquatic: Seu Jorge – Starman
MP3: The Life Aquatic: David Bowie – Queen Bitch
Amazon: Wes Anderson – Soundtracks

www.wesanderson.org ++ the darjeeling limited imbd site ++ emusic

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+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional Kinks MP3s

45 thoughts on “Wes Anderson :: A Soundtrack Enthusiast

  1. without a doubt, rushmore is the best and its soundtrack is nearly flawless. the only thing that keeps it shy from perfection is the fact that wes wasn’t able to have the rolling stones’ “i am waiting” on it.

  2. Oh, forgot to say The RT is my fave and yet I think I’ve seen Rushmore twice as many times as the former.

  3. nice!!

    i am completely in love with ‘life aquatic.’ such a beautiful film in all regards, especially seu jorge’s bowie covers. when listing my favorite directors, anderson always tops the list.

  4. I’m putting my hand up for ‘Bottle Rocket’. A real team effort between Anderson and the Wilsons. Completely natural and oh so sweet and human at its centre. Saying that, Anderson has never disappointed me and his films gone down some wonderfully complex cul de sacs that Bottle Rocket never hinted at. Yet there is something about that first one, like a great debut album, which will always reserve its place in my heart.

    Your blog rules btw. I don’t know how you do it.

  5. The Life Aquatic’s and Rushmore’s soundtracks rock very very hard – I think these films get the most from their music. As far as the movies themselves… I like them ALL – Wes Anderson is a huge talent. But, I gotta tell you, I still love Bottle Rocket the best of all.

    “Man how did a dick like Bob get such a great house?” barely audible – whispered by Owen Wilson’s character during the gun scene in the kitchen – Bottle Rocket.

    Great choice of posts.

  6. Royal Tenenbaums sums up the genius of Wes. Music, characters, script, sets, music, costumes, angst. Did I mention music?

  7. The trailer looks impressive, as always when it’s a trailer for a Wes movie.

    If i have to choose between his movies, i’d probably choose Life Aquatic. Or Rushmore.

    Or The Royal Tenenbaums.

    There’s your answer.

  8. Gotta admit I teared up a bit when “Strangers” came on in that preview…

    I’ve always said that Bottle Rocket is my favorite movie. But I watched Rushmore for the first time in a few years recently, and that’s just a flawless movie. The emotions of the fifteen year old kid are mirrored so perfectly by the music, particularly in the “I Am Waiting” scene, that I still giggle when I see Jason Schwartzman anywhere else. It’s like someone took Max Fisher at his word and let him into other movies.
    Bravo, Max.

  9. Man, I’ve been dying to get this Kinks song without having to buy the whole album(since I have most of the other songs already that I’d want on the album). Thank you sooooo much for posting it!!

    Definitely Life Aquatic is my favorite. I feel like the others were all warm-ups for the grandeur of Steve Zissou. And Portuguese Bowie?!?!?! Come on!! Not only is Life Aquatic my fav Wes Anderson film, but my favorite film of all time.

  10. i really love wes anderson’s style. although there are a giant handfull of directors whose films are distinguishable to their style, wes anderson’s style is funky and unique…i like rushmore the most.

  11. I love, love, love The Royal Tenenbaums, but I have to say that Rushmore is slightly better and therefore my fav Wes film. But I love them all, btw.

  12. It’s such a hard call. They all transport you to that whimsical place is Wes’ mind… The Royal Tenenbaums is up there, but I think Rushmore is the one I can watch over and over.

  13. Bottle Rocket is probably the funniest.

    Royal Tenenbaums is the most impressive achievement of all his films.

    Rushmore is the best.

    Life Aquatic is impressive, but something about it seems a little forced. Still a great film though, I’ve yet to be disappointed.

  14. excellent post. Rushmore is my favorite although Royal Tenebaums is so sweetly fantastic as well. Have to love the Elliot Smith song/scene. So beautiful. And margot with the wooden finger. very excited for the new film.

  15. awesome post, favorite wes anderson film is bottle rocket. although, it’s a tough call, they are all beautiful and unique. and the soundtracks all kick ass.

  16. Royal T’s = favorite movie (possibly of all movies ever); Rushmore = best soundtrack.

    And it pains me to say, but Life Aquatic was a turd. A pretty turd, but a turd.

  17. Rushmore, without a doubt.

    However, my father, my family friend and myself dressed up as Team Zissou for my 21st Birthday.

  18. Gargh.

    Royal Tenenbaum’s wins for me but Rushmore and Life Aquatic are both excellent films as well.

    May I say – that I never knew I was a Wes Anderson fan till now? LOL

    I just watched the films purely out of curiosity – the soundtracks floored me – and now *lol* can’t wait till Darjeeling Ltd.!

  19. It’s an extremely tough call, but I’d say Rushmore.
    The film that resurrected Bill Murray from the dead. Fantastic soundtrack. Simple, poignant. And I love that Jason Schwartzmann elevated geeks to a new sexiness.

    Although, Seu Jorge’s Bowie is pretty much one of the coolest things ever….

  20. The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack but i LOVE the life aquatic- the image of bill murry in that ridiculous blue wetsuit always cracks me up. I can’t wait for this film to come out!

  21. It’s royal tens for me as well-
    it seemed to have that perfect balance between characters/plot/obsessive detail, so everytime you watch it you find something new.

    a quiet genius

  22. Rushmore is easily his best movie and my favorite movie of all time. Love it.

    I love Bottle Rocket.

    Didn’t care for the other two (RT & ALA)

    If I had to choose my 3rd favorite Wes Anderson film, I would choose his American Express commercial. Love it.

    His new film though looks destined to replace reach 3rd place, maybe even 2nd. I hope.

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