black moth super rainbow

Until last week I knew of Black Moth Super Rainbow only by name. Having now spent the past seven days with their latest LP, Dandelion Gum, I think it is safe to say they more than live up to their ‘psychedelic’ reputation.

While this shit is most definitely way out there, it is also informed, and reined in by, a pop enthusiasm that keeps it from blasting off into the ether entirely. You might want to put on some headphones for this one. Dood.

++ Look for Black Moth Super Rainbow on tour with The Flaming Lips this Fall.

Elsewhere: Download a medley of Black Moth Super Rainbow MP3s @ their website

MP3: Black Moth Super Rainbow :: Jump Into My Mouth And Breathe
MP3: Black Moth Super Rainbow :: Sun Lips
Amazon: Black Moth Super Rainbow – Dandelion Gum ++

+ Download Black Moth Super Rainbow via eMusic’s 25 free MP3 no risk trial offer

6 Responses to “Black Moth Super Rainbow :: Dandelion Gum”

  1. Been playing the hell out of this on my show and at home. Incredibly infectious and a great summer time album.

  2. yeah those guys sound like they eat acid for breakfast. love love love it.

  3. see [also]: satanstompingcaterpillars

  4. yeaaah. it’s great. recommending to everyone ))).

  5. Great band, just found out about them. Check out Boards of Canada if you like this stuff – particularly their “Music Has the Right to Children” longplayer on Warp/Skam.

  6. I’ve been listening to BM for about two years now, and , as far as I can tell, this album sound quite less superainbowly authentic to say something.

    Previous albums sound completely industry influence free, besides, their ex-total-low-fi-records seem to be as to more homemade, purer.

    Whatever, they’re just great anyway.

    Ps: I would completely separate BM from BOC in any king of list. They’re aout the same, but there is a great gap in between their projections.

    I stay with BM.

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