It was just announced that Johnny Depp will indeed inhabit the persona, and reprise the role, of his late friend, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson in the upcoming film adaptation of Thompson’s first (autobiographical) novel The Rum Diary. Your Drunkard has read most everything the good Doctor has written, and think with Depp, again on board, this will be a fine adaptation.

(Via: Variety) “Depp goes Gonzo again – Johnny Depp will channel Hunter S. Thompson once again in Warner Independent’s adaptation of “The Rum Diary.” Depp will play Paul Kemp, a freelance journo writing for a rundown newspaper in 1950s Puerto Rico and surrounded by a bunch of lost souls bent on self-destruction. The journo was 22 when he wrote the autobiographical novel and had yet to develop his trademark gonzo style. It was written in 1959 but not published until 1998.

Depp previously starred in the bigscreen adaptation of Thompson’s psychedelic-soaked adventures chronicled in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” published in 1972. Depp just finished work on “Sweeney Todd” and is expected to do “The Rum Diary” after “Shantaram,” Mira Nair’s adaptation of the novel about an Australian drug addict who resumes his life of crime after escaping to India.”

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Interview with Thompson, conducted by the BBC in the ’70s, in which Thompson laments his celebrity status and the Raoul Duke pseudonym characteriture he created in his books. His last sentence eerily foreshadows his life later being turned into myth and film projects.

Hunter S. Thompson – The Rum Diary

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6 Responses to “Hunter S. Thompson :: The Rum Diary (Film)”

  1. Somehow, I never knew you were into the good Doc though I probably should’ve figured. I’m pretty excited about The Rum Diary, the movie. I’ve always liked the book. Too bad Gilliam isn’t doing it, but I’m sure it’ll be better than that Where the Buffalo Roam movie with Bill Murray as HST.

    That Black Moth Super Rainbow CD is awesome. This year’s Brightblack Morninglight stoner hippie jam album of the summer.

  2. a brutally comic book. very much looking forward to Mr. Depp reprising his interpretation of Dr. Thompson. it will be interesting to see who fills in for the rest of characters, as i’d previously heard benicio and nicholson’s names floating around the project.

  3. This should be fantastic, I can’t say I had heard of this before your post here…but now that I have – it’s pretty much the only movie I’m actually looking forward to.


  4. Awesome stuff, can’t wait for this.

  5. One of my favorite HST pieces of writing is a letter published in Harper’s back in 2001 regarding the lack of progress of getting production starting on The Rum Diary after it was optioned. I’ve posted it here for your enjoyment.

  6. Great man, fucking great!!!

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