Blair :: A.D. Exclusive Track + Little Radio (today)

Blair, and her band, are paying a visit to the Aquarium Drunkard Show today — tune in from 2-4 PST @ Little Radio. Expect live tunes, chit chat and other foolishness. Also, if you’re in L.A., Blair will be playing the Hotel Cafe’ Thursday evening, as well as a show, presented by Aquarium Drunkard, on August 7th at the Silverlake Lounge (w/ Le Switch and Travel By Sea).

Below: Check out this new track, “Kamakazee,” Blair just released as an exclusive download for A.D. readers. Enjoy.

MP3: Blair :: Kamakazee (new)

MP3: Blair :: Wolfboy
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10 thoughts on “Blair :: A.D. Exclusive Track + Little Radio (today)

  1. Her voice reminds me in turns (in this new song especially) of Kathleen Edwards and Liz Phair. Mostly in some of her phrasing for Kathleen and in her lower, moodier voicing for Liz. Really love this new one.

  2. Hey, awesome choice with Blair! It’s so weird seeing local bands/artists I used to watch play in coffee shops start getting national attention. If you like Blair you should check out Lucy Gossett and Glasgow!. I swear I’m not affiliated with either of these two, I just thought I’d share some of my other favorite local New Orleans acts.

  3. great set. you should have an aquarium drunkard music festival in los angeles and just do it in some effin parkin lot with all these great bands you post here and make it a yearly thing or something.

  4. I can’t believe I missed the radio show!! I’m looking forward to hearing Blair and the band. The song sounds great! Thanks for giving us exposure to so many great musicians. keep up the great work.

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