the brunettes new zealand

I was originally turned on to this New Zealand pop duo, in 2005, by You Ain’t No Picasso, and have been keeping tabs on them ever since. This month sees the release of their Sub Pop debut, so expect a bigger stateside splash than the last few albums released on the NZ based Lil’ Chief imprint. Sub Pop correctly deems The Brunettes sound as “breezy, effervescent, Shangri-Las-reminiscent pop.” OTM.

MP3: The Brunettes :: Small Town Crew (new)
MP3: The Brunettes :: Loopy Loopy Love
Amazon: The Brunettes – Structure & Cosmetics

the brunettes website ++ the brunettes myspace ++ brunettes at emusic

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2 Responses to “The Brunettes :: Structure & Cosmetics”

  1. They sound nothing like the Shangri-Las.

  2. Too cutesy for me, but thanks for the post!

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