Oakley Hall :: I’ll Follow You (New Album/Merge)

Oakley Hall I'll Follow You

It’s hot as hell here in L.A. — rock & roll is not only needed, it’s damn near warranted. Such being the case, we’re pretty excited for Oakley Hall’s new LP, I’ll Follow You, as last summer’s Gypsum Strings was a mainstay both on the home stereo as well as both A.D. radio shows. In particular the album’s opener “Confidence Man,” as the tracks spidery guitar intro sounded like some kind of bastardized, basement, indie version of Iron Maiden. But, in a good way. Savvy?

For those unfamiliar with the Brooklyn band, imagine a modern take on rural edged ’70s rock & roll filtered through three decades of post-punk and ’90s, guitar oriented, indie-rock. Album drops September 11th on Merge Records — stay tuned for a review.

MP3: Oakley Hall :: Confidence Man
MP3: Oakley Hall :: No Dreams (new)
Pre-order: Oakley Hall – I’ll Follow You

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3 thoughts on “Oakley Hall :: I’ll Follow You (New Album/Merge)

  1. Ah, so that’s why they’re coming my way in early September! Very good news and I like this new song – the production sounds thicker, something I think that definitely benefits them. It hasn’t hampered their first three, but it’s time for it to get bigger. They’re a seriously great band.

  2. hey, thanks for posting this… never heard of this band before. i’m digging the
    heavy NEU! references on the ‘confidence’ track! very few bands give good kraut rock anymore. i’ll be sure to pick up that LP immediately… as well as an outing to Spaceland in September.

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