“I like my coffee black, like midnight on a moonless night.” – Special Agent Dale Cooper

I was recently informed by my brother that season two of Twin Peaks, on DVD, is now available for purchase — and actually has been since April of this year. Way back in ye olde 1990s I owned both seasons of the show, on VHS. Those copies have long since disintegrated, and I had admittedly (six long years after the release of the first season) given up hope that season II would ever see the light of day. Well, it has.

Like season one, this installment again features the Log Lady episode introductions (originally filmed for the Bravo network’s syndication of the series), bonus material, and, most importantly, a cleaned up look that was lost in the VHS adaptation.

News of season two has reinvested my interest (read: geekery) in the series and its peripherals, which has led me to dig out David Lynch’s Fire Walk With Me (the feature length ‘post’ prequel to the series) and its accompanying soundtrack. Time to return to the black lodge.

Update: Announced yesterday was the news that BOTH seasons (with extras) will now be available for purchase together in the new Twin Peaks Definitive Gold Box Edition. Thanks to an AD reader for the tip.

MP3: Angelo Badalamenti :: The Pink Room
Angelo Badalamenti :: Montage: Girl Talk | Birds In Hell | Laura Palmer’s Theme | Falling
Angelo Badalamenti :: Theme From Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

3 Responses to “Twin Peaks :: Fire Walk With Me”

  1. Psst! You may want to hold off for the “Gold Box” all-in-one set just announced on 8/2 for October….. *tons* of stuff that’s previously unavailable:

  2. son of b…
    so this means that my season 1 dvds that are worth soooo much cash are now going to be worthless?!?!….and that i’ll have to buy the boxed set to get the extras…

    grrr…i hate you, modern digital world.

    “If I had a nickel for every cigarette mom smoked….I’d be dead.”

  3. Glad to hear you are geeking out on twin peaks as well. I spent 11 hours watching the DVDs last Friday. from 7pm to 6am. I have four more episodes left.

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