David Lynch :: A Soundtrack Enthusiast II

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“A candy colored clown they call the sandman, Tiptoes to my room every night” – Roy Orbison

David Lynch: auteur/soundtrack enthusiast/hypnosis pundit.

Here we have a filmmaker who absolutely transforms the songs he incorporates in his films into his own – Aural puddy in his hands. Can anyone really hear Bobby Vinton’s “Blue Velvet,” without feeling the voyeuristic atmosphere that runs throughout the eponymous film? Of equal importance: Angelo Badalamenti, whose original, other-worldly, Lynchian scores, over the past 20 years, have themselves, created a landscape of there own even apart from the source material.

Lynch, an un-refuted expert in juxtaposing a song with a scene of a dissimilar theme, is often copied, but never trumped. Speaking of, any of you had a chance to see Lynch’s Inland Empire yet? Thoughts?

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MP3: Blue Velvet – Bobby Vinton – Blue Velvet
MP3: Blue Velvet – Roy Orbison – In Dreams
MP3: Wild At Heart – Them – Baby, Please Don’t Go
MP3: Fire Walk With Me – Angelo Badalamenti – Theme From Twin Peaks
MP3: Lost Highway – Lou Reed – This Magic Moment
MP3: Mulholland Drive – Angelo Badalamenti – Silencio
MP3: Mulholland Drive – Roy Orbison – Crying
MP3: Muhlholland Drive – Rebekah Del Rio – Llorando (crying)
Amazon: David Lynch – Soundtracks

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11 thoughts on “David Lynch :: A Soundtrack Enthusiast II

  1. Nice collection. Lynch soundtracks are always a treat. Both of my daughters were born to the Twin Peaks television soundtrack, set on repeat. (Does that make me weird?)

  2. INLAND EMPIRE is difficult, opaque and challenging to watch, but it is worth it. I’m a newspaper film critic, and have posted my review up on my site, if you’re interested. http://maguiresmovies.blogspot.com/2007/03/lynch-mob.html
    At the end of the movie, after three hours of something approaching horror, Lynch has the cast – and a few others, including a man sawing a log – dance around a living room to Nina Simone’s Sinnerman. The scene proves precisely the point you are making with your post, and is just astonishing to see.

  3. Nice post – always good to hear some Roy Orbison. I’ve been hankering to hear the overblown cover that Thrum did of Crying about, ooh, 15 years ago. Howard has rudely sold his copy. Anyone out there got it and want to share it?

    Beth X

  4. Great post! I like David Lynch movies but in particular, I count “Blue Velvet” as one of my all-time favorite movies. (“Do you wanna go for a ride?” “No thanks.”) Ohh. what a scene! Anyway, my two cents… I love how Ketty Lester’s “Love Letters” is worked into the movie as well. (“Do you know what a love letter is? It’s a bullet from a fucking gun, fucker! You receive a love letter from me and you’re fucked forever!”)

  5. David Lynch is one weird dude. He is another extremely creative film artist heavily influenced by music though. I think that anybody that ever sat through Lost Highway is permanently scarred. Again, a great post. The Wes Anderson one is hard to beat though!

  6. Lynch is one of my favorite directors of all time and you’re absolutely dead on with his soundtracking ‘bilities. I was excited when Inland Empire came out and went to see it at Sunset 5 right away. While there were parts of it that were fascinating and amazing (the bunny family, this one chase scene on a movie set), for the most part it was just hard to watch. With Lost Highway & Mulholland Drive when the stories start to go off the rails it’s a thing of beauty that you can really have fun trying to wrap you mind around. With Inland, it doesn’t so much go off the rails as not have any rails to begin with. So unless you are David Lynch, I don’t think anyone is going to enjoy and connect with this film on anything more than an intellectual level. Personally, I need more than that. And dats my two cents.

  7. I was referred by Metafilter – just thought I’d say. I always think of The Lady in The Radiator Song from Eraserhead performed by the Pixies when I hear David Lynch and music. Great post, great site, thanks!

  8. I LOVE LLORANDO BY REBEKAH DEL RIO. and you’re right, the juxtaposition of this song in Mulholland Drive and its scene–well, the rest of the movie–it just… i can’t even think right now

  9. I really enjoy your (just-launched) Soundtrack Enthusiast series. hope you will continue. If i may suggest… Tarantino is an obvious choice, I guess. And how about some Cameron Crowe?
    just for the Pearl Jam members’ cameos in Singles…

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