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With their impeccable taste, and original studio execution, should be a weekly stop for all Drunkard readers. But hey, things happen, and people get busy, so at the A.D. home offices we do our best try to and highlight some of our favorite sessions when time and space permit.

Well, today is one of those days, as the Portland Oregon folk duo, Horse Feathers, paid a visit to the ‘trotter studio in Illinois and recorded four exclusive tracks — two of which (“Helen” and “Father of Failure”) are previously unreleased. Horse Feathers debut, Words Are Dead, was one of the Drunkard’s favorite releases of 2006, and is recommended to fans of Will Oldham, Iron & Wine, Travel by Sea, and Jason Molina.

++ Download all four Horse Feathers tracks, free, at Daytrotter’s website.

Horse Feathers :: Finch On Sunday
MP3: Horse Feathers :: Hardwood Pews

horse feathers website ++ ++

+ Download Horse Feathers’ Words Are Dead via eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 trial offer.

One Response to “Horse Feathers :: The Daytrotter Session”

  1. now THAT is a cute gal! And the guys aren’t half bad either… if you’re into that kind of things (dudes)…

    luckily, the music is enjoyable also.

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