Whiskeytown :: The Bed That I Bought (Demo, 1995)

whiskeytownI recently stumbled upon this old, rough, Whiskeytown demo, from 1995, while gently resurrecting an old hard drive that I hadn’t fired up in a roughly a year and half (also see: upcoming National post).

This version of the song can be found on the Drunken Confessions bootleg collection that gathers up old, rare, Whiskeytown, Skylarks and early Ryan Adams tracks, aka: an unauthorized collection of bedroom and radio songs, old and new.

Caitlin Cary to AnsweringBell: “I think you’ve got the title right, if memory serves. I also think that I may have inspired this song because I remember talking about the act of first buying a bed after breaking up with a guy I lived with for a long time — the first bed I ever bought for myself. I honestly don’t remember if I penned any of these lines, but the song meant something to me, and I sure can remember singing it.”

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Whiskeytown :: The Bed That I Bought
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2 thoughts on “Whiskeytown :: The Bed That I Bought (Demo, 1995)

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I was just comparing this track to Caitlin Cary and Ryan Adams on “The Battle.” Now obviously, that copy is cleaner for production reasons but there are a number of similarities between the tracks.

  2. This is a wonderful live track, I hadn’t heard any other version except the one on “Drunken Confessions.” Judging by the differences in quality, this one looks to be from: 1/28/95 The Brewery – Raleigh, NC 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

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