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More often than not, whenever I spin Man Man’s cover of Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind,” someone, whether in the studio, or a listener via email, invariably inquires one of two things: a) the source of the cover, or b) who the band is covering Etta James. I think this phenomenon, like all great covers, speaks to both the quality of the song itself, as well as Man Man’s barroom interpretation.

MP3: Man Man :: I’d Rather Go Blind (cover)
MP3: Etta James :: I’d Rather Go Blind

Video: Etta James & Dr. John :: I’d Rather Go Blind (highly recommended)
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2 Responses to “Under The Covers :: I’d Rather Go Blind”

  1. Conspicuous miss on the “Blind” tip: Clarence Carter. He released a version in ’69, not sure when Etta’s came out but I love this version of the Foster/Jordan tune as well.

    Here’s a link:


  2. Thanks for this, I was looking for the original singer of of Man Man’s track.

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