The Lightning Bug Situation

The Lightning Bug Situation’s new LP A Leaf: A Stream at times feels like a bedroom-indie, American interpretation of early ’70s piano driven Pink Floyd, all gauzy and wrapped in some sort of cotton psychedelic headspace. Or, as one of their fans noted, in a parrelel universe it could have been the soundtrack to director Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1972 film Solaris. A sound often attempted, but rarely executed so well.

The Lightning Bug Situation is the nom de plume for San Francisco musician & songwriter Brian Miller when he’s not contributing to his main gig, The Speakers. Throughout the 15 songs (50 minutes) the album interweaves electronic ambient textures with organic traditional instrumentation creating a seamless flow that is occasionally augmented by the voices of Miller’s family (a la Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon). Great stuff.

The Lightning Bug Situation :: Under Your Jacket
MP3: The Lightning Bug Situation :: Topher’s Last Song
MP3: The Lightning Bug Situation :: Iraqi Man And Baby Daughter
Purchase: The Lightning Bug Situation – A Leaf: A Stream ++ emusic

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3 Responses to “The Lightning Bug Situation :: A Leaf: A Stream”

  1. ah synchronicity
    blew my mind when I checked in today and saw we had posted this pretty much simultaneously

    a great disc

  2. So you got the Solaris e-mails too? I’ve been meaning to give this is a spin. Looks like today’s the day. Dude, that Black Crowes cover thing was phenomenal. You’re gonna have to tell me where I can get my heads on all these bootlegs.

  3. Just saw this here and over at Bag of Songs as well. I posted about it too….funny how similar all the posts sound with the whole solaris thing. It’s a nice little record though.

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