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Jack and Meg tackle one of our favorite, old school, Dolly Parton jams. Dig.


MP3: Dolly Parton :: Jolene
MP3: White Stripes :: Jolene (cover)
Amazon: Dolly Parton – Jolene

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9 Responses to “Under The Covers :: Jolene”

  1. now digging a little deeper, have you ever heard the olivia newton john version of jolene?? that is some whacked out shit.

  2. This has long been my favorite cover by The White Stripes, and thankfully, it introduced me to Ms. Parton’s music, not just her Dollywood theme park.

  3. have you heard the Susanna and The Magical Orchestra cover of this? It’s emotionally crushing.

    I saw them perform it at the Sonar Festival a few years back and actually thought my heart was going to cave in. The silence following the final high note seemed to last about 30 minutes. The only thing I heard in an enormous venue full of people was sniffles.

    Top 10 live musical moments for me for sure.

  4. Travis , no, hook a brotha up!

  5. I like the Dolly version so much better, between these two selections. I didn’t realize I was a Dolly fan! Cadien will be so proud. I like these face-offs, Drunkard. Please post more… It’s like taking the Pepsi Challenge.

  6. Cool post, Drunkard. Sorry, but there’s no contest here. As fiestascramble so aptly put it: “Big ups to Parton.”

  7. Can’t get the white stripes version out of me head – it’s fantastic; ta! Back to listen to the One Dove version, and to try and dig out the Sisters of Mercy one too (anyone remember their cover of Gimiie Gimmie Gimmie a Man After Midnight?)

  8. The white stripes version download isn’t working

  9. […] is the number and variety of artists that have rerecorded her music: Jolene has been covered by The White Stripes, The Sisters of Mercy, Olivia Newton John, and many […]

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