The Avett Brothers North Carolina

Prior to the March release of Emotionalism I counted myself a casual fan of the Avett Brothers — this was the record that changed that.

Made up of two actual brothers (Seth Avett and Scott Avett) and a buddy (Bob Crawford), this North Carolina country/bluegrass/indie-folk outfit improve and become more versatile on every album. While I liked their last LP, Four Thieves Gone, Emotionalism is taking there sound to another level entirely.

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MP3: The Avett Brothers :: Die Die Die
MP3: The Avett Brothers :: Pretty Girl From San Diego
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Avett Brothers :: Denouncing November Blue (Uneasy Writer) off the LP Four Thieves Gone ++

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  • 8 Responses to “The Avett Brothers :: Emotionalism”

    1. It was the extreme pleasure of mine and my wife’s to see the Avetts a couple weeks ago while on vacation in San Diego, at the Belly Up Tavern. They had a good-sized, enthusiastic crowd, and made us die-hard converts right then and there. Great stuff. I hope they grow to be huge – nobody sounds like ’em. If they played electric instruments they’d be a punk band.

    2. Emotionalism is my first Avett Brothers album, but I am loving it. One of my favourite albums of 2007.

    3. this is a record I keep coming back to it, it’s a joy to listen to (despite the lyrics of die die die)

      i don’t do a year end list but if I did this one would be in first, second and third place

    4. 100% agreed, these guys are just outstanding!

    5. I feel like I’m always name dropping when I say this, but whatever. I am so happy to see the extreme success these guys have attained. I knew Seth Avett in high school and we played in some of the same coffee shops in town. I saw he and Scott play a show together many, many moons ago in the beginnings, I suppose, of what would manifest itself in their current guise. They did a great cover of “You Ain’t Going Nowhere” that night. Mm-hmm.

    6. “Weight of Lies”, “Will You Return”, and the “Ballad of Love and Hate” pulled me in with their sincerity. One of the best creations of 2007. Good luck to them at the AMA’s at the Ryman in November.

    7. Yeah, I actually disagree. This album seems more polished and pop-ier to me that the others. I like the Avetts a little more raw, I guess. I think Four Thieves is definitely a better album; more cohesive. I like the new one, don’t get me wrong the writing on Balled of Love and Hate is pure folk genius. But check out Mignonette!

    8. Damn but what a band. I’m still in the Four Thieves camp but Emotionalism is definently a keeper as well. Saw ’em at Coachella and knew they’d end up being one of those bands I followed around everywhere.

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