Songs: Illinois’ recent fIREHOSE video collection post led me to dig up my favorite tune on the band’s second album, if’n. It’s hard to believe this song is now twenty years old.

MP3: fIREHOSE :: Sometimes
Amazon: fIREHOSE – “if’n”

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6 Responses to “fIREHOSE :: Sometimes”

  1. I’ve loved fIREHOSE since the first time I heard one of their songs on an old skate video back in the late 80’s (“Hear Me” I think). I just snagged their Peel Session last week and have been on a fresh fIREHOSE kick ever since. And “Sometimes” is probably my favorite track of theirs too, either that or “Hear Me.” If’n is just fantastic in general.

  2. Love me some fIREHOSE, Raging Full On has been on heavy rotation for close to 20 years.

  3. I remember Ed from Ohio on a big stage with a TINY amplifier. Thought it sort of funny and ridiculous ’till I did my first few tours and then only dreamt that I could just go direct into the bloody PA. Nice flavor from the past. Thanks.

  4. twenty years, great now I feel old.

  5. Widespread Panic does a good cover of this song.

  6. thanks for the great reminder to this old brain pan that there was a band in between “The Minutemen” and Watts solo career. I heard them in the day, by way of my younger brother. He was the one who showed me that punk was the alt to disco back then. Me, i was all about Little Feat and Jackson Brown. Just buzzed over to Emusic and downloaded some fiREHOSE. And ain’t that what it’s really all about? pax,dude

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