Aquarium Drunkard is giving away three pairs of tickets to the SOLD OUT, September 11th, Spoon show at the Henry Fonda Theater here in Los Angeles. Heads up, superfans, tickets are (at present) still available for the show the night of the 12th.

To win a pair of tickets:
Leave a comment below with a valid email address, and your favorite line from a Spoon song. Winners will be notified via email by Sunday.

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Spoon :: The Underdog
MP3: Spoon :: The Ghost In You Lingers
Amazon: Spoon :: Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

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23 Responses to “Spoon :: @ Henry Fonda, Los Angeles – Tickets”

  1. go pack your bags
    take up your scythe
    I said this world wasn’t meant for us both

  2. Street tar in summer will do a job on your soul

  3. We Could Go Kick Down Some Doors Together
    Stay Out Til Morning Sharp As Knives
    The New War Will Get You It Will Not Protect You
    But I Will Be There With You When You Turn Out The Light

  4. …distracted by each career milestone
    though they’re all in his hands…

  5. “We get high in backseats of cars
    We put faith in our concerns
    Fall in love to down the streak
    We believe in the sum of ourselves

    And that’s the way we get by to”

  6. Oh, life can be so fair
    Let it go on and on
    I could pay to have all your cherry bomb
    Oh, life can be so fair
    Let it go on and on
    I could pay to have all your cherry bomb

  7. The Human Resource Clerk
    Has Two Cigarettes And Back To Work
    She Eats Right But Hurts

    From “Lines In The Suit”

  8. Wendy’s walking out alone and it’s Saturday night
    All the boys act tough but they’ve gotta bite
    When they do they’ll get more than a slap on the wrist
    And it’s clear who’s promoting her own myth

  9. One day it’ll take
    and they’ll start to make
    shirts that fit right
    till then I suppose
    I still got Dad’s clothes
    and thats alright
    Fitted Shirt

  10. I will no longer do the devil’s wishes
    something I read on a dollar bill
    a paper tiger can’t tell you where he stands
    we’ll go back tonight the way that we came
    I’m not dumb, just want to hold your hand

    Please Spoon me.

  11. “It’s hopeless I’m a slut for the New York Times”

  12. and now your teeth are all red
    and there’s a little bit about you i don’t wanna know,
    uh huh
    but when there’s something that wants this much to happen,
    there’s no need to be alarmed

  13. When I was still growin up
    And dad head off to work
    He put coat and tie on
    Over fitted shirt

  14. and there’s so much you can learn
    but you don’t want to know


  15. Bringing about the apocalypse
    Is not considered
    Considered cool

  16. we go out in stormy weather
    we rarely practice discern
    we make love to some weird sin
    we seek out the taciturn

  17. i’m on a straight line and a man comes around
    and i got nowhere to go
    come back and tell something i don’t know

  18. we found a new kinda dance in a magazine
    try it on, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen
    you sweet talk like a cop, and you know it
    you bought a new bag of pot
    so let’s make a new start
    and that’s the way to my heart

  19. “Do you remember when you were small?/How everybody would seem so tall/I am your shadow in the dark/I have your blood inside my heart.”

  20. “Remember,
    gets cold in ways you always forget”

    don’t know why, but these lines kill me ….

  21. i walked in the rain like a drone
    all the way to Marquette
    the infinite pet

    from “The Infinite Pet”

  22. It hit me like a tom-tom

  23. ‘Cause you know you’re the one and that that hasn’t changed/Since you were nineteen and still in school/Waiting on a light on the corner by Sound Exchange.

    “Anything You Want”

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