Animal Collective

Panda Bear’s 2007 solo album, Person Pitch, is an A.D. favorite so far this year. This being so, it is no surprise we’re digging on his main gig’s new LP as well, Animal Collective’s Strawberry Jam. Wanna get weird, if so, we have three pairs of tickets to give away for the Animal Collective show, Tuesday, September 18th @ the Henry Fonda Theater.

To win a pair of tickets: Leave a comment below with a valid email address, and your favorite Muppett. Winners will be notified via email by Monday.

MP3: Animal Collective :: Leaf House
Amazon: Animal Collective – Strawberry Jam

animal collective myspace ++ ++ animal collective @ eMusic

+ Additional Animal Collective/Panda Bear MP3 tracks available at The Hype Machine

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