60's Choice Collection of Scarcest Garage Records

No, this ain’t yer dad’s Nuggets. Like the sixties French Freakbeat compilation featured back in April, the 60’s Scarcest Garage Records (pt. 1 & 2) is a compilation I often frequent that has little to no information to be found online. In the 21st century, this fact alone adds yet another element of retro-cool to its already smoldering 26 tracks. This is herky-jerky garage rock at its finest.

Like some of my favorite comps, this one was passed on to me, some time ago, from another sixties garage rock fan/collector, with only the caveat of “you just gotta hear this.”  He was right – I did, and you do.

* * This is the first installment of four. Stay tuned for updates.

MP3: The French Church :: Slapneck 1943
MP3: The Olivers :: I Saw What You Did
MP3: Evil Enc Group :: The Point Is
MP3: London N’ The Bridges :: It Just Ain’t Right
MP3: The Loved Ones :: Surprise,Surprise (For You)
MP3: The Executioners :: I Want A Rain
MP3: The Heathens :: Problems

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4 Responses to “60’s Choice Collection of Scarcest Garage Records”

  1. Waddaya mean, “yer Dad’s Nuggets”? Don’t assume all your readers are under 30 (or 40, or 50). Nuggets was my generation; my Dad’s was Vera Lynn.

  2. Great tunes … and pretty obscure. Looking forward to the rest.

  3. Good stuff – more please!

  4. I wonder how many other 16 year olds are into this music

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