Black Lips :: Good Bad Not Evil

Black Lips :: Good Bad Not Evil

Ahem, speaking of garage rock, those ATLiens, the Black Lips, from my hometown of Atlanta, GA (holla), just released their latest studio LP this week, entitled Good Bad Not Evil.

This, the follow up to their live-jam, long-player, Los Valientes del Mundo Nuevo (recorded in Tijuana!?!), Good Bad Not Evil maintains the energy of the live Los Valientes, while incorporating the control and production values of a studio environment. This….is a good thing. Where Los Valientes at times sounded muddled and hap-hazard (part of its charm) Good Bad Not Evil sounds just dirty enough to sound rock & roll legit.

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  1. I’m a long-time curmudgeon regarding the Black Lips but this record is outstanding. I’ve been pushing it on people indiscriminately and have yet to hear any dissent.

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